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I'm Marcin Treder – product and design leader, coding designer and founding CEO at UXPin – one of the world leading design tools.

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Creating great products means everything to me.

I'm a builder. I love building great products and assembling teams able to cross the chasm between good and great. It's my source of love, energy and fulfillment. It's everything.

Things weren't always that clear. Athough I started designing and coding as soon as I got my first PC (at 14 years old – times were different), I haven't started really considering myself a "designer" until I turned 21.

In between, I thought that I'm going to become a musician, philosopher, writer... but I had to fry chickens, sell icream and shoes to make a living.

I'm grateful that I found my path and I'm passionate about helping people found theirs.

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Marcin Treder

The New Design Tool

In 2014 design tools, including UXPin, were cluttered, obtrusive and distracting. We've decided to break away from the crowd by changing UXPin into a tool as invisible and minimalistic as possible. Instead of copying others, we've took inspiration from modernism.

This is the story of this enormous process and my role in it – from establishing the first principles to the launch.

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If you can design one thing, you can design everything.

– massimo vignelli

The Open Source Adventure

I love working right at the crossroads of design and technology. No wonder building and analyzing design systems became my passion. Soon, this passion led me to an exciting open source adventure.

In January 2018, I've decided to build Adele – an open source repository of thoroughly analyzed design systems. I didn't have any expectations. I just felt that this is a project that should exist in the design systems community. Soon after the launch 20,000 people visited Adele and 30 joined as project contributors.

Today Adele is maintained by the community and delivers design systems analyses to over 80,000 people a year.

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Treder Design Brand Identity

I've spent over a decade designing all sorts of products, but hardly ever – brand identities. Nevertheless, I have a deep affection for the very special connection between art and storytelling always present in great brand design.

When I decided to build my personal website, I knew that this is a great opportunity to define my brand – my story, aesthetics and message with a holistic design process.

I quickly became my own most demanding client and yet... I thoroughly enjoyed the process of designing Treder Design brand.

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