About me.

I'm a builder. I love building great products and assembling teams able to cross the chasm between good and great. It's my source of love, energy and fulfillment. It's everything.

Things weren't always that clear. Although I started designing and coding as soon as I got my first PC (at 14 years old – times were different), I haven't started really considering myself a "designer" until I turned 21.

In between, I thought that I'm going to become a musician, philosopher, writer... but I had to fry chickens, sell icream and shoes to make a living.

I'm grateful that I found my path and I'm passionate about helping people found theirs.

Marcin Treder


For the past 12 years I've been working in digital design and product management. I've started as a UX designer and I quickly progressed to various roles in design and product leadership.

Back in 2010 I co-founded UXPin – one of the world leading design and prototyping tools. Today UXPin is proudly profitable with more than 50 great teammates aboard. I continue to work on UXPin's product and design strategies, as well as investor–relationships, and top executive coaching.

I'm a frequent public speaker (over 50 talks in the last 5 years, 3 continents covered!) and writer. I'm deeply passionate about the intersection of design and technology. Design is my profession but coding is my hobby.

What am I good at?

  • design leadership
  • product leadership
  • design strategy
  • product strategy
  • ux design
  • ux research
  • a/b tests
  • product innovation
  • product mgmt
  • grahic design
  • branding
  • html/css
  • javascript


Over the years I understood that self-awareness is one of the keys to being a good leader and a good person. On my quest to understand myself I identified the following core values:
  1. discipline

    I take a great pride in being highly disciplined. If I commit to a task, there's nothing that can stop me from completing it. Whether we're talking about work, sports or hobbies – I'm acting with total commitment and unbreakable discipline.
  2. mastery

    I enjoy learning and bringing new skills to the level of mastery. It's important to me to gradually, day by day, become better at what matters to me. I treat my work and my passions as a never ending quest to become perfect.
  3. loyalty

    I remain loyal to people and I highly value loyalty. Life is easier when faced together with a group of reliable people. I always aspire to be the person that others can rely on.